Grow Profitably With ReWise Whitebox ODC

In its latest statutory filing with the SEC, a leading US printer noted that the American printing industry is going through “demand for shorter print runs, faster product turnaround and increased production efficiency of products with lower page counts and increasing complexity.” In response, leading players are looking for ways to lower their cost structure. Going global to source suppliers is a popular approach.

For printers wishing to adopt this strategy, outsourcing of prepress and IT to an offshore vendor on a turnkey basis might appear tempting at first glance. However, as forerunners learned to their dismay, going down this path often means loss of control, compromises on quality and failure to capture the full cost advantage of offshore delivery because of the inherently opaque nature of project-based outsourcing engagements.

On the other hand, printers attempting to set up their own captive units face support and administrative headaches related to infrastructure and regulatory compliance in offshore countries.

For printers in a quandary about how to grow profitably, ReWise Whitebox ODC is the ideal solution.

Our Whitebox Offshore Delivery Center augments your inhouse capability with a wide array of graphics design, prepress and IT skills. Under this disruptive engagement model, you gain full visibility into your remote unit and manage it as an extension of your inhouse delivery organization. The ODC is subject to your governance processes and follows your delivery methodologies and operations procedures. If you like, you can even oversee hiring and performance evaluation of your ODC team.

We carry out the following support, administrative and compliance activities for your ODC:

  • Recruitment of English-speaking graphics designers, prepress operators and software developers and testers
  • Office space
  • High-speed Internet lines
  • Payroll processing including pension and taxation
  • Accounting, statutory filing and regulatory compliance
  • Uptime of computers, Internet and other infrastructure
  • Precision Appreciation Training

By empowering you to take full control of your remote unit, Whitebox ODC preserves quality and enhances agility. By eliminating the hassles of setting up and running your own captive ODC, it frees you up to focus on strategic areas related to business growth. And what’s best, Whitebox ODC comes with a transparent commercial model that takes offshore cost advantage to the next level.

We differentiate ourselves with our established tieups with third party service providers as also our commitment to precision, integrity and transparency.

Over the years, many companies have benefited from our high-quality yet cost-effective graphics design, prepress and IT services. They include a leading American on-demand printing company that has operations in the UK, Germany and India; and a leading American web-to-print software company that has operations in Brazil, Spain and India. All our Whitebox ODC customers have been able to grow aggressively without breaking the bank.

So can you!

Should you wish to explore ways to grow profitably by using our Whitebox ODC, we’d be happy to discuss the next steps at your earliest convenience.

For more details, contact us.