Nilesh Sane


As CEO of ReWise, Nilesh brings with him over 20 years of core IT Experience. Demonstrating a unique mix of technical vision, marketing and business acumen, Nilesh has worked with companies in such diverse sectors like Healthcare, E-Learning, Logistic Management and Online Web Portals, and has been instrumental in strategizing ReWise’s unique blend of domain expertise coupled with state of the art technologies. Before laying the foundations of ReWise Global, Nilesh worked with Leading CMMI5 level companies in myriad roles, an experience which is proving to be of immense value to the organization. Under him, the company has grown at a constant rate of 30% YOY and his vision of “Building Ideas” is the new face of ReWise. Nilesh is currently working on Product Placement Strategies and Partner Collaborations.

Krithika Sane

Global Operations Head

With over 20 years of experience in the field of operations and finance, Krithika makes a solid addition to the ReWise team. Being the Global Operations Head, she is continuously striving to add value to our existing and also supports the global expansion of the company. Her hands-on approach has brought a new dynamism to the team and she continues to motivate and lead the team into an exciting era for ReWise.

Sanjeev Jain

Delivery Unit Head

Sanjeev heads the delivery section of ReWise. He brings with him over 18 years experience from a variety of platforms and verticals. His immaculate planning and understanding of client requirements and deliverables ensure that the implementations always meet the expected standards. His contribution towards the Learning Management System and Customer Management System has been exemplary and has helped the company in achieving the desired levels of customer satisfaction. He is currently working on the next version of CRM and Learning Management System.

Aanjali Pashankar

Director - Customer Success

Aanjali has two decades of experience in HR Consulting, Training and Communications. She holds a Masters in Literature as well a second Masters in Management from Pune University. As an HR & Communications Expert she spends the majority of her time advising her clients on key internal communication programs and employee connect improvement initiatives. She is an experienced trainer and consultant in the areas of competency based interviews and feedback skills, job analysis, competency designs and communication and personal excellence.