Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Development

We at ReWise understand that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are now critical to an organisational success. With new technologies evolving every day it’s hard to understand where to start, leave alone developing a strategy for implementing AI and ML.
Organizations should not pursue using AI for its own sake. Rather, they should have specific metrics for organizational performance and productivity that they are seeking to improve. Merely developing a high-performing AI model will not by itself improve organizational productivity. The model must be integrated into operational technology systems, organizational processes, and staff workflows. Almost always, there will be some changes needed to existing processes to take full advantage of the AI model’s capability. Adding AI technology without revising processes will deliver only a tiny fraction of the potential improvements, if any. Finally, traditional project management wisdom still applies. Many AI projects fail not because of the technology, but because of a failure to properly set expectations, integrate with legacy systems, and train operational personnel.
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